First Post!

In July 2011 I went to Bug Jam, a Volkswagen festival held at Santa Pod Raceway. It was the usual show scenario… Put the tent up, crack the beers open, and chill as the show is set up, and people arrive. We had been there for a while when we went for a walk around the show and shine, I’m usually the slowest as I’m taking pics! We wandered around and ended up in the for sale section. Being an Audi TT driver at the time, I always had it in the back of my mind that I should be driving round in something a bit “cooler”, a bit more “retro” and definitely a lot “lower”. I must admit I don’t really pay much attention to the for sale section, but there was a car parked up that really, really caught my eye. It was parked on its own which helped it stand out, at first I just took photo’s and admired it. About 10 minutes later, I hadn’t moved much and had resorted to just staring at it. I vaguely remember the advert on it… Something like “Volkswagen Jetta, 1.3 C,  too much to list, phone bob”…. After about half an hour I had text bob, got a price, and decided as soon as I got home the TT was going up for sale…. It wasn’t meant to be though, with £50-£60 odd spent on advertising the TT, I just handn’t put it up cheap enough for a quick sale, or a slow one, and the Jetta got away, all I had was the image of it that would adorn my background on my work PC for months to come.

The time she got away


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