Until one day…

Bringing us to Oct 2012… Having had enough with the fuel bill on the Audi, and the general upkeep costs, not to mention how bored I was with it. It was time to look for something cheaper, and more fun. I had always missed my Volkwagen Polo 1.4 16v (the AFH engine). It had more than enough power for a 1.4, and pretty reliable really. So I set about to look for one, I got as far as having the money ready to grab one I had seen on ebay. It had only done 77k was in a really nice blue, and only £800! It was a dead cert for me, but after a reply to my message of interest, I was told it was gone. I was completely taken back, and a bit disheartened as I doubted I would find one as tidy again. About 2 weeks passed of constantly looking on Autotrader and Clubpolo.co.uk… One lunchtime at work I accidently clicked “non polo’s” instead of “polo’s” in the for sale section of the owners club forum. I immediately clicked back off, but in the split second the page was open I noticed and advert for a Mk1 Jetta, I quickly clicked back and was gobsmacked to find it was the same Jetta I had fallen in love with at Bugjam. I quickly messaged to show my interest, and this time I was not going to let the TT get in my way. Luckily for me the lad selling the car was away for 3 weeks… I whisked the TT off to wewantanycar for next to nothing, money was no longer a piece of this jigsaw puzzle that had to come together this time. I kept in touch with the owner until the 3 weeks were up, and myself, my girlfriend and my parents piled into dad’s Golf and set off to Bridlington, Yorkshire… 170 odd miles away. At this point, there was no way I wasn’t having the car, I was buzzing when I saw it, I had read countless threads on forums that previous owners had posted, years ago when it was ratty with wooden vinyl down the doors… 2008 when someone bought it and it wouldn’t start after they had stopped for a p**s on the way home, then when it went on to have the rear arches replaced and had a respray, and all the little modifications inbetween. Needless to say a quick, no slow test drive, (bloody hard to drive at first) and I was completely sold.

Heres a couple of photo’s I found of it.

Early days, Rear arch replacement, Siting pretty on classics, 2008

Early Days Rear arch replacement Sitting pretty on classics, 2008


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