All mine

So bringing things up to date, I knew that the car required a new petrol cap, so I sourced a  Genuine Hella one off ebay for £14 and got that on within the first couple of days. I also knew it needed a door swage line on the rear nearside door. I had hoped to get a full chrome set soon. I went to my first meet at a local Volkswagen Club in Cannock, Staffordshire and had a quick chat with the lads, mainly about my rear door knocking over bumps. With some “know-how” from Nige the club owner, I was told it was because the door had no seal! Doh. So that went on the list…

I gave the car a clean and polish, this was the engine bay before… and after a quick blast with Autoglym Engine degreaser, and Aerospace Protectant.

untouched engine bay Quick clean of the engine bay

…I got round to getting some chrome strips from ebay, but they turned out to be damaged, so I’m going to have to wait till that gets sorted with the seller. I did manage to get some chrome door handle trims though which look good, and just need a bit of modification to get them on tight.

I had joined as there isn’t a mk1 Jetta club! They turned out to be a really helpful bunch of people! I look forward to meeting some new faces next year in the show season.

As soon as I got the chance I did a proper photoshoot of the Jetta…

Community centre 2 Community centre 5 Community centre interior Jetta panel Rear Jetta badge Rear

… It was all fun and games until two Sundays ago, when I noticed the drivers footwell was wet, and the one behind soaked… I had no choice but to leave it a week due to being at work when its light. Unfortunately things got a bit worse when I was driving back from a friends and the petrol gauge dropped to empty, followed shortly by the temp gauge. By the time I neared my girlfriends house the cd player was flickering. I parked up with the car running and had a choice to make, leave the car at hers,  or risk it. Being an idiot, I went for the latter, and gunned it for home. By the time I got to the B road which is a 3 mile stretch to my house, the wipers and dashboard had no power and lights were dimming. I made it back, just.

The car has since had its interior stripped and dried, and has been covered up for 2 weeks to allow me to figure out where the water is coming from, its dripping onto the fusebox so its something at the front of the car thats failing…

Time will tell.


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