Not moving for a while…

So with the water leak came a bit of interior design, I’ve gone for the simplistic style. Seats came out first, followed by soggy carpets that have lived in the greenhouse for 2 weeks. All the water was mopped up, and the metal was dried thoroughly. I was pleasantly surprised to find a solid floorpan underneath the slightly aged carpet. The car wouldn’t fire up in the morning, the fusebox was slightly wet, so a heater blower sat in the empty car for a day to thoroughly dry it.

I got it started in the end, so I think its a slight electrical issue that I will have to look into.

A week later (today) I replaced all of the door membrane, doing it in two layers to prevent any leaks. I only just had enough duck tape, even though it was a brand new roll.

Bodge job membrane My new Membrane

Then came getting the dash out, which was surprisingly fun, armed with a torch and some old tools, myself and my Dad got the dashboard out in a healthy 30 minutes. Not bad for a first go!

Dash out! 8th Dec

Tomorrows job is to clean up underneath the dashboard and on the floorpan, just because I can. At the moment I’m just loving being around the car, its somewhat relaxing, with added help from The Kooks, Ben Howard, and more Kooks.


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