Slow Progress

With only Saturday and Sunday to work on the car due to the daylight, not much has happened on the Jetta. There wasn’t much work involved, but I found out how the water is getting in, in two places… On the passenger side where the water drains from the Scuttle Panel, it runs over two small grommets that lead to the fusebox, these are leaking!


They have been “bodged” in the past, but they’re no longer holding up.

The amount of water they let in is minimal, so i’m not worried about them. The main leak is on the drivers side. As I have recently learned, a common fault on Mk1 Jettas/Golfs is the clutch cable pulling through the bulkhead causing a split, and the need for a repair plate.

This is the damage from the inside, this would not usually rust, but the water has managed to get in as the seam of the Scuttle panel is no longer sealed, so the water runs down the bulkhead on the drivers side and straight in!

20121215_144309_resized 20121215_150735_resized

The Grey plate (above) is the repair plate, water can be seen leaking down from the Scuttle panel.


So the Challenge for the next couple of weekends is to seal the Scuttle panel back up so the water drains properly, then fix the bulkhead by the clutch cable!

Some other pics since my last post, one from a while ago of a genuine Gear Gaiter from a mk1 golf that I got from Ebay, as the centre console is originally from a Golf Gti I think. The interior has had a clean since this photo!




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