January… Pitch black and cold…

Not posted on here for a while, having to work 5 days a week has sucked big time, by the time I get home its dark, so no work can be done on the car. My Dad is only free on Saturdays to help, and given that this is a big learning curve for me, I need the help. Throughout the last month or so, the priority has been to stop water getting into the footwells of the car. As of today this is now (hopefully) done.

Below is the crack in the bulkhead, this was visible once the old repair plate was removed, it was stuck down with double sided foam… not the best.

Damage to bulkhead


The Repair plate was cracked aswell, so this was replaced with a new one from ebay for £17 delivered.



Out came the welder! Luckily my Dad is a dab hand.





Cleaning as I went along! Still need to fit the new Rad!20130101_151827



Welded and in primer, not needing to be beautiful as its being covered! The black stuff is bitumen as the seal on the Scuttle Panel leaked water down and into the hole, so this was attempt number 1 to stop it.20130105_143800


Dad adding a Bitumen layer to seal the repair plate.






The Repair plate fitted with bolts and a good seal! It was cleaned up after!20130105_160815



New Air filter20130106_125256


Second hand door rubber seal as mine is missing on the rear door, £17 delivered is certainly better than £51 new.20130112_092523



I will admit at this point, that after the effort that went in to sealing up the repair plate, with Bitumen that is used for Gutter seals etc. I thought that would be the end of it, I thought this weekend would of been the one where I put the interior and Dashboard in the car, and went for a drive… However… This is an old car, and they need a lot of love… So on Saturday morning I woke to a wet footwell, still.

It was time to sort out the Scuttle panel, and seal it up once and for all. So it was a trip to Halfords for some Chemical Metal, and Grey Stripe seam sealant. The old seal on the Scuttle panel was removed with a wire drill bit, and was clearly no longer a good seal.






Chemical Metal going on! It literally took 5 minutes to go off, great stuff20130112_115051



I forgot to take a picture of the final seal with the Grey stripe over the top, but the full seam line of the Scuttle panel has been sealed and has not leaked since! Tonight the car will sleep without its cover!

As the car had been sat for weeks on end without starting I charged the battery, tied an old shoelace to the carb to pull the choke, and hey presto, it started up first time!

Drove fine too!

Not long now!



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