The weather picks up!

A new battery meant that the car was running fine! A carb leak was sorted by a really nice bloke from Lichfield. As the fuel return was blocked off, he fashioned a pipe that returned any pressure/fuel into the tank rather than forcing it through the carb needle when the engine was shut off after a run. It’s been great ever since.

It’s nice to have the car start every time, and also to have chance to make some changes that I want to make, rather than have to make.

So since my last post I have:

Continued to add countless amounts of Diamond Glaze.

Added black plates.

Added a new battery, no pic as phone has lost it somehow.

New plugs – NGK instead of Champion,


Tidied the boot as it was filthy20130603_172302_resized


Removed the horrible door armour plates


Carefully removed the black paint that had been sprayed onto the waistline trim to take them back to black/chrome rather than all black. (Photo take at first show and shine – Dubs Mania at Weston Park 2nd June)

Jetta in show n shine 2

I have also re-painted the bumpers as the paint was flaking off! She’s surprisingly clean underneath the bumper so that’s good!







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