So I’ve not updated my blog for a while, we have been trying to get to as many shows as possible and enjoy the nice weather in the Jetta. We’ve been to Big Bang, Dubs Mania, Deva Dubs, Camper Jam, South Staffs Hot Rod and Custom Show, and we went to Tatton Park yesterday. The Jetta has got a lot of attention which has been nice! We also try to make any local meets with Retro Dub Club, and have the club cruise coming up this wednesday.

Since my last post it’s not been all fun and games, there have been a few issues with the Jetta. The most annoying issue is a build up of faded patches on the roof, bonnet and boot. They took some getting off, I presumed it was down to the new Glaze I had bought (Poorboys Diamond Glaze), but looking back I think it was something to do with high amounts of pollen + rain + hot temps. I clayed the car, then cleansed the paint and added Natty’s paste wax, and fingers crossed it hasn’t happened again. Here the patches can be seen, it was actually much worse than it looks.Image

Yesterday all patch-free, beading nicely after a drive back from Tatton Park


The other issue I have had is water getting in to the footwell again. With a bit more detective work (me sitting in stripped out car whilst dad sprays it with the hose) it turns out the majority of water was getting in through a factory hole in the subframe, which I think I may have unearthed when cleaning out the engine bay in the past, whoops.

The water was getting in through a small hole by the inner sill, I have since blasted in the sill with waxoyl to keep it from rusting, and have started to cover the factory hole in the subframe to stop any more water getting in. So far I have fixed plastic to the hole which I will then cover in sealant that can be sprayed onto. From the factory this hole was just taped over and covered in underseal!

The hole, quite a common issue apparently.

ImageWater was filling up in the footwell, but I couldn’t see where it was coming in from, it turned out it was coming underneath the underseal which had lifted.


ImageThe Orange isn’t rust, it seemed to be a residue from the underseal.





All Cleaned up!20130727_133303_resized

The hole was covered with a small piece of sheet plastic, that was bonded on to allow a waterproof barrier, this will be covered in sealant, and smoothed for painting.Image

I had to quickly get the interior back into the car for Tatton Park, so Repairs had to take a break. Car looked great at Tatton though, just looking forward to improving it and (fingers crossed) winning some trophies at some point. There were 4 other Mk1 Jetta’s at Tatoon Park, the first show where I have seen another one whilst I’ve had mine. The Beige Jetta Pictured was immaculate, 12’500 miles on the clock, all original, it won my classes trophy.

My Jetta, looking shiny after many hours spent claying, cleansing, polishing, waxing over the past few months.

_MG_5195 The winner of my class, immaculate to say the least. I want those bumpers!

_MG_5230 One of my all time faves!_MG_5205Two more Jetta’s parked up, nice to see so many!20130804_132341_resized


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