Show season comes to an end.

So the show season is over, fair to say that’s the most amount of shows I have been to in one year. from Ultimate dubs to Dub Freeze (which was shit). Since I last posted we had the Retro Dubs cruise, around 40 cars turned up, mostly VW but some V8’s etc. I designed and supplied some memorial stickers to sell at the cruise to raise money for the foundation and raised £75.


After the cruise I managed to save the day, and jump start a club members Bay window!

20130807_215701 20130807_215600

I Finally got round to fitting the rear door seal, which means the door doesn’t rattle when driving along!


We visited VW Action 2013 and I wasn’t going to show the Jetta, but eventually went for it, gave the car a quick once over and added it to the daily driver competition. I was massively suprised to win a top 10 daily driver award.

On way to Action

20130831_160444 20130831_161557

The final camping show of the year was the LDF Transport show, just 3 miles down the road from my house. A nice quiet show which meant a good drink up and a laugh around the fire pit.


I took my clocks out to re-tape the symbols panel in place and when I put them back nothing seemed to work. I found that the circuit board on the back of the clocks was damaged, so my dad soldered them back together which seems to have worked.



Some photo’s of the Jetta with family/friends cars, and scraping the grass at a local show at Baggeridge Country Park.

20131103_131739 20131026_140155 20131019_104413 20130928_112910 20130929_091803

I now have to sort out an electrical problem, which means the hazards manage to make all the dashboard lights flash, the indicators refuse to work, and if I turn the car off I can take the key out without the car actually turning off. I’ve bought a new hazard switch as that has been an issue for a while, whilst on VW heritage I also bought a boot lock seal, and strut top covers.

20131105_173848 20131105_173336


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