Show season has begun!

After visiting Bus Types in Oswestry, but missing Big Bang as it was so cold last year, I’ve got the bug for the show season again!

The main thing that has happened since I last posted is a new car club! Built To Last. I’ve designed the start of a brand, and myself and other vw enthusiasts meet up every fortnight for a bit of banter. We’re hoping to hit some of the shows as a club later in the year.

20140222_105321 20140326_195728 20140326_180559


A quick snap outside work next to a friends lowered vivaro!20140317_171939



Also, the very tired seats have gone to be re-trimmed. Much needed to finish the otherwise pretty tidy interior up! I managed to get 12 metres of grey tweed off Ebay, which will be more than enough. Once the seats are done I may look at semi trimming the door cards to match. I should be getting the seats back in a couple of weeks!20140304_184207_resized_1 20140222_102901 20140222_102847 20140222_102856 20140222_102945 20140222_102932 20140222_102919 20140222_103632 20140222_103621 20140222_103613 20140321_165212Unfortunately this has meant that the beads had to go. Luckily my cousin is keeping the legacy going, and has had them for his Polo mk2.

20140309_153234I managed to get a bargain off Ebay, a (pretty untidy) chrome strip bumper, still unsure what to do with it, and a box of tricks. In the box was 7 side trims, kick plates, cigarette lighter, countless seals, brand new oil filter, headlight bulb, tidy winders, a scraper seal (the one I needed) and a shit load of other bits. All in with the bumper I paid £2.04!20140309_140020_resized_1

Old shitty kick plates

20140309_142726New kick plates in, much better.

20140309_142654 New scraper seal in place!

20140310_17440520140310_174415 Better winders!

20140330_133425My neighbour decided he was going to cut down his hedge whilst the Jetta was parked up and put a gate behind the car to bring his wheelbarrow through. Needless to say the shit hit the fan, and the gate is now a new fence.



Birthday time! 26… The lady bought me a shit load of cleaning products from Cleanyourcar, and my detailing equipment was ready to roll, I practised on my brothers car with the polisher and then went at the Jetta with it. With good results.

20140417_140543 Milly even had a go!20140417_164124 The Jetta was left at my mates mom and dads house whilst new Toyo tyres (from abroad due to not being able to get them here) were fitted.20140414_180744 Iron X doing it’s thing…20140417_121040 20140417_121058 After a full polish, glaze and wax, not bad for a single stage paint.20140417_175340 20140417_17532420140413_162430 20140417_175313 20140417_175356


That was it! I was ready for Bus Types! I’d filled the car up the night before, and was halfway through packing it up when my neighbour pointed out a fuel leak. After some investigation and a lot of swearing it looked like the fuel return (which is blocked off at the carb) had filled up due to the tank being full. As it was perished it was leaking at the fuel sender, starting the car up with the pipe off proved it was definitely the return, and it was bodged to get me there with no issues!


Sodden pipes…20140418_143738Just before we set off to Bus Types, at which Bessie the Bay won Best Bay!20140418_183234 This was the feed! Removed at a later date and replace with some new pipe from my mate.20140427_111414 Sorted!20140427_125033IMG_20140427_130058I popped into Autobrite Direct in Stoke on Trent with my mate Carl, to have a look around, and came away with some tyre gel and shampoo’s.

IMG_20140426_142222 IMG_20140426_134350

The only other thing since I last posted is I’ve spoken to yet another of the Jetta’s past owners, he bought the car in 2006 for £400! knocked the paint back and added wooden vinyl. Not to my taste but still pretty cool. He then had the car sprayed in 2007 and sold it.

DSCF1158 DSCF1037 GetAttachment


Here’s a pic of the Jetta next to the F-type that I was taken out for spin in! Epic car!





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